Japanese Pressings.

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Japanese Pressings.

Post by FrowningBanana » Sun Dec 07, 2014 6:33 am

I just got an original 1984 Harvest Japan pressing (it was the original flat - no post-processed) of Dark Side, but the only difference from the original from 1983 being the packaging being all in English rather than English/Japanese [this version was meant to be exported] for 30 dollars at my local record store, which is an amazing deal. I know collectors would love to have their hands on one of these, and when I saw it for so cheap (I've seen them for over a hundred dollars usually) I almost died and had to get it. I think the only more expensive and rare version was the '83 original Japanese one. But I'm not too picky, I don't need it to be in Japanese writing or whatever. That's a cool collectors perk, but I don't mind. I don't think it should matter too much to any of you guys either, wouldn't you think? I mean it's the sound that counts, and the pressing is exactly the same as the previous year, it's only the booklet that's different.

After comparing this to the '93, '03, and '11 remasters, I have to say I'm so blown away by this one. Now I can see what everyone is saying, it's definitive. It's flat and it sounds just like the vinyl to me. I've never been more impressed.

What do you guys think of Japanese pressings? I think I'm going to be collecting them now, they're phenomenal.

*Edit* After more research, this is the original export from Japan to the U.K.: It's the UK's first version. So I own like a double import of sorts XD. And it still stands that this is the original master/pressing that the Japanese version used. YAY. :D :D :D :D
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