Meddle 5.1

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Meddle 5.1

Post by Dyolf » Fri Nov 18, 2016 6:34 pm

So it looks like the people at Floyd Towers have done a dirty on us. They reportedly pulled the full 5.1 mix of Meddle from the Early Years box... but they didn't. Someone has found the files on the Blu-ray disc. They weren't removed, just made inaccessible from the menu screen. So we don't just get the 5.1 of "Echoes", really it's possible to access the entire Meddle album in 5.1!.... but would you want to? Well apparently it sounds a bit off. "Echoes" was apparently the only song which was re-done in time for the release, so that's why it's still there, the rest seems to have been mistakenly put on. The drums of "One of These Days" is reportedly very poor. This is the second boo-boo Floyd Towers have made with this box - the other was accidentally swapping out the 2016 remix of Obscured by Clouds for a 2016 stereo mix of Live at Pompeii.

Prog reviewer Darren Lock explains here.
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Re: Meddle 5.1

Post by quicksilver » Fri Nov 18, 2016 7:44 pm

Hmm, that's interesting. Darren is a good reviewer overall but we've butted heads a few times most notably on his Endless River and Rattle that Lock reviews. However, he's spot on here. There does seem to be something weird going on with the timing of these releases. Saving the early years box set for 2017 would have made sense considering that would be the 50 years anniv of Piper. And the whole Meddle 5.1 issue seems clumsy at best. I can only speculate that that mix will appear somewhere down the road along with other material. The vault is never completely empty.

Good interview with Nick regarding this box set. Also some very interesting audience questions at the end.
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