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[Leweit] Name the album

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:48 am
by The Silver Lining
So, with Artisan saying he's working on the album once more, pressure's back on me. After all, I still haven't made up my mind about what I want to name this album, and it's about time I decide.

This poll won't be the decisive factor, but it'd be nice to know your opinions.

To give context: the album is almost entirely about how good and bad things are interweaved with each other, and nothing is ever inherently bad or inherently good. A few examples this in the lyrics:
- A recurring theme is the snow storm that's going on in this fictive world. People think the world is ending, but the protagonist ("I" in all songs) is fond of the snow, and nicknames his girlfriend after it. The girlfriend leaves him at the same time when the snow storm stops, which means the whole world rejoices while the protagonist grows depressed.
- The girl in "Picture Child" finds strength in the fact that she was nearly killed in the war. She believes she is blessed for having survived, and that the war mongerers are truly the unfortunate ones.
- In "The Girl Practicing the Flute in the Apartment Downstairs", the protagonist falls in love with someone who seems perfectly within reach, yet unreachable because of his own passive indecision.
- Similarly, in "Woeƫ wach-se nog op?" the protagonist loathes himself for being so passive and not doing anything about his inner demons, but he finally decides to rise up and overcome them in "Pull the Lever".
- In "Mother", a child turns to his mother expecting her to be strong and solve his problems, but it turns out she is struggling with problems of her own.
- In "Goodbye, Child" a father feels betrayed by his daughter for her choice to get married to someone he disapproves of, but he ends up giving her his blessing anyway.

This leads to the two potential titles;
- Each Silver Lining. This is a fairly straightforward title, and also appears in the lyrics of "The Girl (...)". It's a play on "Each cloud has a silver lining", twisting it to mean that each good thing also has its negative side. I currently like this title best, although it sounds very cheesy.
- Children of the Angel with a Broken Wing is more of a "summary" style title. Three songs on the album are about one of the children, another song is about a mother, and another song is about a father. The angel with a broken wing is a metaphor for a good thing with a negative side, and all the "children" are examples of things that stem from this. I used to like this title a lot, but I think it's way too long to really work well.

Re: [Leweit] Name the album

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:51 pm
by Alec Taylor
I'm a fan of Children of the Angel with a Broken Wing, more so than Each Silver Lining, but it is rather long. But I must say that hearing details of the album in this much depth has only amplified my hype levels to ludicrous levels.

Re: [Leweit] Name the album

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:15 pm
by Artisan
I always liked the original title. I think it works exceptionally well. If you're worried about the title being long, look at the late 60s discographies of Tyrannosaurus Rex or the Kinks.

Re: [Leweit] Name the album

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:41 pm
by Artisan
Also works because you have the Ocean Child, the Picture Child, and the Snow Child (and I suppose the Goodbye Child). And the songs have a unifying theme of having someone else to look to while trying to find your place in the world - Picture Child is about finding peace during conflict, Pull the Lever is about accepting fate, Goodbye Child is about moving on, and, well, there's Mother - who has a broken wing, might I add (of course, these are all my interpretations. Woee Wach-se Nog Op is about beautiful vocal harmonies to anyone who doesn't know the translations, but the two lines that I know - there you are once more, alone in the world, so what are you still waiting for? - also tie very well into the theme.

Putting the sequence with Mother and Goodbye Child at the end was very clever. I see the first eight songs as "the children", the ninth being a conversation between the youngest and probably most scared and the mother herself, and the final track being an acceptance that every bird someday must fly away (searing guitar riff). Each Silver Lining is a nice title, but slightly bulky as it may be, there is no better title than Children of the Angel with a Broken Wing.