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Alec Taylor
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Post by Alec Taylor » Thu Feb 11, 2016 7:50 pm

Howdy y'all, got some news to share about SoundCloud.

I know all of us here use or have used SoundCloud to host our music in the past. But it looks like the service might end up getting shut down due to gross inefficiency, huge financial losses, and allowing major labels to ram metaphorical phallic objects up their posteriors through unwarranted copyright strikes. That, and the new ad system in place in conjunction with 'sponsored' tracks from 'unknown' artists (like rappers with major record label deals) have all driven enough people away that the service might disappear.

Then again, it might not, but the point of this post isn't to be a naysayer. It's just a heads-up to all of the SoundCloud users out there to maybe look at other platforms to host your music on, so you aren't caught unaware and watch your discography vanish into digital dust. I personally have switched exclusively to Bandcamp, which isn't a perfect system (I don't know much about the royalties, since no one has ever bought any of my songs before), but SoundCloud and YouTube have both slammed me with bogus copyright strikes that I couldn't contest, something Bandcamp doesn't do unless you outright steal a famous artist's song and get a ton of attention. The other main thing with Bandcamp is that they have you upload WAV files instead of MP3, and your album artwork has to be 700x700 pixels as a JPEG. Not steep demands, but I normally don't work with WAV files myself.
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Re: SoundCloud

Post by Artisan » Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:22 pm

I dunno. I think that there's enough people that use it for the reasons you outlined (popular rappers, easy and free upload, getting fucked over by people with money, etc) that it will stay up. However you're right, it does offer no support for any independent artists, you basically have to know who they are before you can see their profile because you'll need to wade through a ton of promoted stuff before you can find what you're looking for. Their mobile app is completely useless (I can't even delete a track on it? I can't view my profile!?) unless you love those promoted tracks, and I have a feeling that they alter the tracks a little bit (compression, EQ, stuff like that), because my giant crescendo didn't feel as powerful after I uploaded it (though it may have just been caused by the stream itself.

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