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Postby Dyolf » Mon Oct 23, 2017 3:12 pm

quicksilver wrote:Its good but I find myself listening to On an Island much more often. "In Any Tongue", "Faces of Stone", and "Dancing Right In Front Of Me" are really good songs both musically and lyrically but the others fall short for me. I admittedly don't care for Polly's lyrics for the most part and I can't quite nail down why. I think at times they feel forced to me and don't necessarily fit David's musical style. He will admit that he has always struggled with lyrics but I think somehow when he does write it feels more cohesive to me. Although I don't care personally for "The Girl In the Yellow Dress" I applaud the fact that he stepped outside his comfort zone and put it on the record. He's making music that he loves and challenges himself to think differently.

David may struggle with lyrics, but when he does do it, it's usually pretty good. I mean "The Narrow Way", "Childhood's End", "Fat Old Sun", "Sorrow", "Coming Back to Life", "Where We Start", "Faces of Stone", "Murder", "No Way" are all good examples.
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