Projected Sounds - The mystery of the Vinyl that never was

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Projected Sounds - The mystery of the Vinyl that never was

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Some six months ago, I literally stubmbled by accident to this listed item on ... roduct_top

I've no idea what this Projected Sounds thing is, but, it has a review on it. And for the interest of posterity (in case the page vanishes one day), I'd like post it here - the mods can delete it if they think it shouldn't be in here:
Projected, protected, then deleted... by Pink?

This collection of Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett music, a CD import from whom the label "EMD International" have claimed is from a 1974 LP release by the same name on a label (SODA61) titled "Sodium Haze Records" (which is a rogue company I'll bet), is simply that - a collection of very early previous releases, a few bootleg recordings and a few rarities never placed before purposely on CD intended for wide release.

The history: this CD was pulled IMMEDIATELY from distribution because of the many many publishing rights problems occurring (who to pay? Syd? Roger? God forbid David - again?) and, simply, the corporation of "Pink Floyd Limited" didn't want you to hear what could be some of the most earliest experimental music Pink Floyd, the band (remember them?) ever caught.

Some of the sources for this release are dodgy at best - it sounds at times it is literally lifted off of old tape sources, LPs and older bootleg collections, and the quality is about a 6 or 7 AT BEST out of ten.

As for the song listing, and I'll go further - their quality per track:

01. Lucy Leave - one of the very first songs performed by the original Pink - great quality - 8/10

02. See Emily Play - this track can be found anywhere, one of their most psychodelic - 8/10

03. In The Beechwoods - one of their most ultrarare tracks, but taken from a horrible tape source - 5/10

04. Remember a Day - taken from their second album, a real noisemaker - 7/10

05. Corporal Clegg - also taken from thei second album, as most of the songs were here - 7/10

06. Instrumental 1 & 2 - taken from a documentary about a new film projection process to be used by music artists, with backing music by "The Pink Floyd" - this is by far one of the oddest tracks - 8/10

07. Interstellar Overdrive - a 5 minute abbreviated version from their first album - very fuzzy - 7/10

08. Scream Thy Last Scream - an excellent bootlegged copy, with Nick at the controls, which is a rarity in itself - 9/10

09.Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun - from their second album once AGAIN - a decent copy - 8/10

10. Untitled - it's only 1:32, but this little tape snippet is the most interesting, as it sounds like a an organ/electric guitar drum jam of some sort, and although there is no source listed here, it's just the Pink jamming away happily - 6/10

11.Vegetable Man - a Syd opus, and his breakdown, through his lyrics here, is apparent - this was to be included in his rarities album "Opel" but of course was nixed by the Pink Corporation - sad, and interesting - 8/10

12. Jugband Blues - once again, the one song which solidifies in my mind that Syd WAS Pink - from their second album yet again, and makes "Strawberry Fields Forever" so unbelievably irrelevant next to this song that if the Pink had ever made an complete album like this, they would have been praised bigger than the Beatles for their vision, or at least Syd's - 7/10

The CD has a total time of 44:07, and as stated above, most of it is available if you've already got the first two albums, but... the rarities and the incidental music just comes at you like a mental version of a freight train.
According to another website, this was "lovingly compiled, using mostly unreleased versions of early Pink Floyd tracks recorded in 1965 and 1967 from privately sourced recordings - not from the 'Have You Got it Yet?' CD
series," which any Pink Floyd fan knows is a fan-made 19 CD set of rarities by Syd and the Pink.

If you can find this CD, pick it up, it's odd as a few of these tracks have yet to ever see the light of day except here but is a good inital jump into the waters that is Pink Floyd in their earliest of days together. I was lucky enough to get a copy before they took them off the shelves and from what I have heard, destroyed the rest.

Hope this helps!
If any of this is true, and I don't quite see the point of mythmaking in this review (although maybe I should, granted), then this was most likely a PF album that was made by fans and distributed with some limited approval before the band eventually preventing its wider release.

Whats quite interesting, is that it still circulates in places like amazon and ebay. I even saw on play a few months ago. And it also torrented, from what I've checked... which leads me to anotehr question, why is there no mention of this on any forum or wikipedia? Clearly this exists, but releases like the vast Have You Got It Yet releases get vast attention.

In any case, I like the listing, and from the looks of it, its probably the closest the band was ever gonna officially release of a second Syd Barrett-led PF album. I like Saucerful of course, but it Scream and Vegetable should've been in there. Anyway, thats just me.

What do you think?
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